THE DARK SIDE: Accepting Your Vices and Learning How to Beat Adversity

How can we learn to accept our dark side and use it as fuel rather than fire?
Everybody has a vice. Whether its drinking, smoking, spending, sex, etc., the list
can go on and on. The trap of these negative habits and behaviors is what Carrick
likes to refer to as ‘The Dark Side’. Throughout his life, Carrick has been faced
with depression and addiction, and struggled to get out until he challenged
himself to stop fighting the dark side and turned it in a positive force in his life.
Though this keynote, Carrick will discuss the methods he used to move from a
state of inner conflict to acceptance, his thoughts on how to overcome adversity,
and becoming your authentic self in your journey to self-fulfillment.

“You can fight the dark side and become a prisoner or you can become friends with the dark side
and become free.”


What's your why? Have you found your true purpose in life? Though relentless
belief, consistency, hard work and sacrifice, Carrick's life experiences have
helped him to reveal his true purpose and become the best version of himself.
When he wasn't wowing the fans with his slam dunks and 3-point shot, Carrick
was running off the court and onto the professional speaker’s platform to inspire,
motivate and change the lives of others by sharing the stories of lessons
learned through his journey. Whether the focus of his remarks is Finding your
Why, Bullying, Goal Setting or Personal Development, Carrick has shown that
he can win against all odds and motivates his audience to do the same.

Great minds have a purpose, others have hopes and wishes. What will yours become?

LIFE AFTER SPORTS: When the Ball Stops Bouncing

On November 24, 2014, Carrick suffered what most expected to be a career-ending
injury, jeopardizing all the hard work he had spent years building toward. He
was faced with an even tougher task, what to do now that the ball had
stopped bouncing. This is the reality for the majority of athletes in the world. In
fact, less than 1 percent of high school athletes actually make it to the
professional level in their sport. Eventually, the time will come to move on to
other things. He found a way through his adverse times to create and find his
why. He learned how to apply the same tools he used while playing on the court,
off the court: Carrick, President and CEO, and now motivational speaker. He’s a
man of unquestionable characters and spirit. He plans to teach, motivate and
inspire current and former athletes by giving them the tools to win off the field.

It’s only when the game stops that we realize the real game is just beginning.